Hi, my name is Lauren Harris, studio owner and lead designer. My husband, Clint, and I are both licensed architects based in Nashville, Tennessee. My studio's name, paperBLDG, is more than a play on form (envelope and house), it speaks to how I arrived where I am today. I initially discovered a love for the creative through an affinity for the built environment--BLDG. That affinity landed me in design school, allowing me to sit in my first graphic design class, to discover that the same rules of design guiding the pen of a designer of spaces also preside over the world of the printmaker. Through graphic design, I found a new way of thinking about my buildings. And finally, with much encouragement from my husband, friends, and family, we decided to launch this great dream that had been floating inside my head for nearly 7 years.


The act of BLDG also speaks to the design process. Design is an active, ever changing practice. While I have finessed and poured over the items that you see here, they are never complete without you. My favorite part is adding the custom details, things that give your guests a hint at what your event is about. The little things that you have selected with great care are what I strive to first, learn about and help you hone and second, capture in your final printed product. What's your favorite designed detail about your wedding? What makes you giddy? What's your method of exit from the reception? Our's was a 1950's Ford tractor that my husband's grandfather still rides on his farm land south of Nashville. So we added a detail of it to our own wedding announcements. paperBLDG is a process that you and I complete together.


A major principle taught in architecture school from day one is that there should be no "style" in design. Design responds to a series of unique needs or problems, and the best solutions are not focused on style but on reacting to those needs. While I certainly aim to have a level of cohesion throughout my work, the priority lies with your custom designed piece being as unique to you and your event as each of the other details you've spent countless hours and energy selecting. Custom work is most fun because of the challenge it holds in reflecting a client's personality. The initial description of your special occasion and the feedback you give along the way guides the design process to a final piece which reflects and celebrates your occasion's individuality.

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